Vineyard of the Asseray domain
about us

Family estate since 4 generations, the Asseray family transmits the know-how of wine grower. The 3rd generation continues to pass on the passion for wine.

The 4th generation brings new techniques to the management of the vineyard as well as to the vinification methods.
We work in the respect of our soil in order to elaborate fruity, light, refined wines, of sharing and pleasure.

Located in the heart of the appellation Coteaux de l'Aubance and Anjou Brissac in the Loire Valley, the estate is situated in the commune of Vauchrétien, 20km south of the city of Angers.

a story

The Asseray family has been cultivating the land and the vines since 1931. The first grape varieties cultivated were Grolleau and Cabernet. Over the years, the estate acquired new parcels of vines and gradually expanded.In 1983, Jean-Baptiste Asseray joined forces with his two sons Gilbert and Gérard. They diversify their production and devote themselves exclusively to viticulture, develop the range of products and sell directly.

Currently the domain is managed by Gérard Asseray and his nephew Emmanuel and his niece Aurélie who represent the 4th generation.

Family photo